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Quickbooks help users in simplifying accounting operations & it is software that has functions to manage your customers, vendors, clients, transactions including sales, purchase, income, expenses and helps you to manage your business overall. And it is mainly used by small-scale businesses to manage their business and overall growth. With the help of Quickbooks if you are operating your organization or thousand of accounting operations then to avoid error and bugs keep your software updated, every update has some new features and functionality that make accounting simpler.

What you can do with the help of Quickbooks

  1. Track Invoice – With the help of QuickBooks Accounting you can track and create invoice and you can also print your invoice and send them to your customers with the help of email directly. QuickBooks manage the track of your income and expenses automatically.
  2. Track of Bills & Expenses – QuickBooks connects with your bank and keeps the track of your expenses and bills automatically. And QuickBooks helps usersin catoriging the expenses with the help of your credit card, if you want to check the records manually you can check it in the QuickBooks Accounts in just a few clicks.
    Whenever you receive your bill receipt you can enter the record of your bill into QuickBooks and it also helps you to keep the record of upcoming payments.
  3. Print Statement – QuickBooks manage your inflow and outflow of the transactions and you can also print your statements to see how your business is performing overall. Financial statements also help in taking loans & it shows your credibility of taking loans for small businesses,you can see following statements in QuickBooks
  4. Profit and Loss Account Statement – Profit and Loss Statement shows your profit and loss of your overall business in a summarized manner You can see your firm’s profit and loss for different times of period like for monthly, Quarterly and Annually.
  5. Balance Sheet Statement – Balance Sheet shows your overall view of your business like your assets and Liabilities at the moment 
  6. Cash Flow Statement – The Cash Flow Statements in Quickbooks shows the flow of cash in business which means it keeps a track of incoming and outgoing of cash in business
  7. Employees Track – QuickBooks records the track of employees payroll because it is difficult to keep the record of all the employees manually. QuickBooks has an automatic function which calculates the employees payroll without any mistake and it keeps all the employees happy also. QuickBooks Also keeps a track of Employees working hours which helps them to pay according to their login hours. Quickbooks also keeps you up to date regarding your Employees track and it also allows you to pay your employees through various methods like
    • Pay your employees via check 
    • E-Pay your employees with the help of QuickBooks
  8. Track Inventory – QuickBooks can track the quantity of your goods, whenever any goods is sold it automatically manages your accounts and keeps the record. QuickBooks can also automatically remind you whenever the quantity of your goods is low.
  9. Tax Return – This feature in QuickBooks Accounting is really valuable and it also saves lots of time by just simplifying your taxes. This feature of the QuickBooks can manage your incomes and expenses and can prepare your tax return in a few clicks. QuickBooks allows the tax preparer to access the information directly from the account and helps them to prepare the tax invoice without any headache.
  10. Online Payments – With the help of Quickbooks payments users can easily pay their bills Add QuickBooks Payment option to your website so the customers can pay online and this feature also eases your work and saves your time.
  11. Receipt Scan – All the QuickBooks online users can download QuickBooks app on their phone for free and they can take the picture of their receipt and upload it to QuickBooks within a minute. With the help of this feature there is no need to match the receipt manually with the transactions and if you upload the receipt on QuickBooks there is no fear of losing the receipt as well. The automatic feature of this application is to attach your receipt along with the transactions and also store your data in the cloud. You can upload as many receipt as you want 
  12. Money Management – QuickBooks helps you to manage your money by customizing your invoices and sales receipts QuickBooks handles bills from the suppliers as well. QuickBooks also record the customer payments
  13. Login Issue – Quickbooks helps you to Remember your login details and provides you a smooth login all you need to click on the remember me box while login in to the Quickbooks account.
  14. Trip Tracker – Many of the employees use their private vehicle for the business purpose and also many of vehicles are used for business and to record their kilometers, this app will help you to maintain the record. You can download this app on your mobile and with the help of GPS it can record the data of your moving vehicle. This feature can also help you to receive the deduction as per your kilometer wages by reviewing your trips.

You may face troubles with any of these features of the Quickbooks also there are lots of features as well you may face problems with in this blog we highlighted some common issues you may face while using the software let’s discuss these common problems in detail.

For what Quickbooks issues we need Help

  1. Lost Data Connection – It is one of the most typical problems you will ever face although it is also very hard to troubleshoot and it is also seen as a drawback of the Quickbooks. Whenever this kind of error occurs with the network even for a minute it is likely that the connection is lost. 
    So be sure that the application is installed in a correct manner to avoid such issues
  2. Slow Connection – There are many reasons due to which users may face slow connectivity of the software in which software is working slowly. It is advisable to make sure that the hardware is working properly. You may face this error because of multiple user connectivity
  3. Missing Data File – If this error occurs users are unable to find the data on the software to avoid this issue it is advised to look after the server manager is working fine or not. This error occurs when the server manager is not working properly.
  4. Printing Issue – If the printer is not working properly is likely to be one of the most epic issues ever to be faced by the user, with QuickBooks this problem can be fixed just by renaming the name of the file. After renaming the file just reload the QuickBooks and the printer will work properly. This kind of error occurs whenever you set up a new printer.
  5. Error while Data Transfer – When the user wants to transfer the data from one location to another users may face the error. So it is advised to secure your data first before transferring the data 

These are some of the common issues you may face in QuickBooks Accounting. You can get help for these issues from Quickbooks. There are many versions of the QuickBooks for which you may face issues. Let’s also discuss the versions of the QuickBooks available.

QuickBooks Version & Help

  1. QuickBooks Online Support – QuickBooks Accounting is a cloud based program and it doesn’t need any installment. QuickBooks allows its user to access their data from anywhere on any computer with the help of secure internet connection. You can login from anywhere anytime, if you face any problems with the QuickBooks Online Version here are some tips to follow
    • First you need to sign in to your account 
    • Select “Help” option from the menu
    • Select the suggested option to get the help by simply type your question or select the topic for which you need the help, if it’s not worked you can also talk to the customer executive as well

If the given option is not worked properly then go to the official website for Quickbook Support and select contact us and choose the way you want to contact with the Quickbook support

  1. You can chat with the executive regarding your issue 
  2. You can get a call from the expert after the call request
  3. You can also ask in the community to get the help for your problems

To help you with the issue the support hours is fixed by the QuickBooks for the users and it is as follows

Monday to Friday the hour is 6 AM to 6 PM and on Saturday it is 6 Am to 3 PM. you can get help with QuickBook Online during the Support hours.

2. QuickBook Desktop Support: QuickBooks Desktop Support comes under different variants like

  • QuickBook Desktop Pro
  • QuickBook Desktop Pro Plus
  • QuickBook Desktop Premier
  • QuickBook Desktop Premier Plus
  • QuickBook Desktop Enterprise
  • QuickBook For Mac

Each version needs to be installed on your computer. QuickBooks Pro is best suited for small businesses who do not manufacture products.

QuickBook Premier is best for those businesses who prefer manufacturing the products and QuickBook Enterprise is ideal for large-scale industry.

The plus versions of pro and premier are meant to be sold as a one-year membership instead as a lifetime.

If you need any help related to the desktop version of QuickBooks Accounting, here is the method by which you can contact the team and get support.

  • You will get the QuickBooks Desktop support 24/7 except for the national holidays 
  • To getting the support for Pro and Premier visit the official website
  • You will get the 24/7 support for Plus and Enterprises version of the QuickBooks Accounting
  • And the timing is mentioned for Pro, Premier and Plus version is monday to friday 6AM to 6PM
  • To connect with the support team you don’t need to call, just drop your contact details in the message and the team will contact you.
  • If you are comfortable with chatting instead of calling then you can also drop message and start a conversation with the QuickBook expert
  • If you want help related to QuickBook Desktop for Windows version first you need to open your Quickbook account then you click on the help button and select QuickBook Desktop Help then select Let’s Talk option. This is how you can also connect with the QuickBook Expert

3. QuickBooks Accountant – Let’s see how you can connect with the expert to get the help for QuickBooks Accountant and ProAdviser. 

  • First you need to login to your QuickBooks Account and go to the help desk to start a chat with an expert you can also schedule a callback from the expert over your issues 
  • This version is also categorised into different category for example if you gold and silver pass you can get the help only on monday to friday 6 AM to 6 PM and on saturday 6 AM to 3 PM and if you have Elite or Platinum Pass so you can be prioritized and the expert is available for you All Day, All Time means 24/7

4. QuickBooks Self-Employed Support – QuickBooks Self-Employed is the best suited for freelancers. Similar to QuickBooks Online it also has cloud-based data so it means you can access your QuickBooks account on any computer from anywhere with the help of a secure internet connection. QuickBooks Self-Employed has a unique feature that cannot be seen in the QuickBook Online or QuickBook Desktop version, it has the ability to track your business and personal expenses from the same bank account. It can differentiate between your expenses whether it is personal or professional.

QuickBooks’ Self-Employed version will calculate your amount of tax and remind you before the due date. QuickBooks Self- Employed also has some classifications like “QuickBook Self-Employed Tax bundle, Self-Employed, Self-Employed Live Tax Bundle” you can choose any of them according to your plan.

Let’s discuss how you can get the help related to QuickBooks Self-Employed 

  • You can connect with QuickBooks Expert through the live chat option, with call and also you can drop your queries in the community where experts can answer you with the appropriate solution 
  • You can also chat with QB assistant, it provides you the related information about your business like your income, expenses, taxes and many more
  • QB Assistant is an AI Bot and it gives you the Quick response and relatable solution.
  • If you are handling your account through web browser you can find QB Assistant at the top bar 
  • If you login your QB Account from IOS you can find QB Assistant on the dashboard having the “+” sign you can click on it and QB Assistant about your problems
  • And if you don’t want to talk with a BOT and want real human help then you need to perform a few steps to get in touch with a human. You can go for “talk to human” option 
  • After clicking on the “talk to human” option you can go for live chat, call an expert, or drop a message to get a call from an expert
  • To get in touch with human the timing for that is monday to friday 6AM to 6 PM and on saturday it is 6 AM to 3 PM
  • The wait time for getting a touch with a human is about approx 5 minutes

5. QuickBooks for Mac – QuickBook for mac is the only version designed for IOS users and this version of IOS is quite similar to QuickBooks Pro Version and this is works ideally for small businesses who do not manufacture any product 

Conclusion – I hope in this article you will learn about QuickBooks And their version and how you get help for each and every version of QuickBooks Accounting.

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