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Glomus tumor the name which was used for a tumor in starting now it is known as paraganglioma. A glomus tumor is a rare neoplasm which is arising from glomus body and mainly found under the nail, on the tip of the finger or in the foot. The majority of glomus tumors are normal, but sometimes they can also show their malignant features. Hoyer has firstly described the Glomus tumors in 1877 and Masson gives first clinical description in 1924.

Glomus tumors most commonly present as tiny, painful lumps on the fingers often with a subungual location. Glomangiomas tend to be longer and are usually painless. They are typically seen on the back and feet. These tumors are determined from the modified smooth muscle cells of the glomus apparatus that is involved in thermoregulation.

Tumors which are arising in glomus cells of the middle ear are called glomus tympanicum tumors. this tumor is the most common tumor of the middle ear. it can also develop in the deep neck. these are also called glomus vagale tumors.

Symptoms of Glomus Tumor

The symptoms depend on,

Malignant glomus tumors, histologically and/or clinically are exceedingly rare.

where the tumor is located. Here we are going to point out some different location Glomus Tumour and their symptoms.

Symptoms of a glomus tumor in carotid arteries

glomus tumor in carotid arteries

  • Problem in swallowing
  • Hoarseness
  • A mass in the neck

  A tumor in the jugular bulb (glomus jugulare tumor) symptoms


A-Combined-transotic-retrosigmoid-approach-for-exposure-of-a-large-right-sided-glomus (1)

  • Ear Pain
  • Hearing loss
  • Problem in swallowing
  • Bleeding from ear

Symptoms if the tumor is in the middle ear

Symptoms if the tumor is in the neck

tumor is in the neck

  • A mass in the neck
  • Weakness

If the tumor affects the body’s stress hormones. Then the system may.

  • Increased blood pressure.
  • A headache
  • Anxiety

Glomus tumor in finger  



In compared to men, women are more affected with this. in this appearance of the nail and finger or toe is normal.

There are two most common symptom of  Glomus tumor in the finger are the severe paroxysmal pain and the increased pain in presence of cold water.


For the diagnosis firstly, you have to meet your doctor and discuss your symptoms and do a physical examination. Your doctor suggests you for the different tests like an MRI, CT Scan or Angiogram.


In young people the treatment is surgery, to remove the tumor, but in the older patients, there is no need for any treatment since they are growing very slowly.


Glomus tumors are small wounds. they are mostly found in distal extremities, mainly in hands, wrist, foot and under the fingernails.

These tumors have a bluish discoloration, even a white appearance may also be noted.

In some other cases, the tumors can also present in other body parts. But the treatment is the same.

Solitary glomus tumors are mostly affected, adults. one-third cases of multiple tumors occur in 20 years old younger.

Malignant glomus tumors

Glomus tumours Outcome Figure3 (1)

Malignant glomus tumors are clinically very rare. When the glomus tumors are malignant.

  • The increased size of the tumor (more than 2 centimeters)  and visceral location.
  • Atypical mitotic figures.
  • Any type of mitotic activity.

We can divide Malignant glomus tumors into three categories which are based on their histologic appearance.

  • Locally infiltrative glomus tumors (LIGT)
  • Glomangiosarcomas arising in benign glomus tumors (GABG)
  • Glomangiosarcomas arising de novo (GADN)

Malignant glomus tumor can involve the skin, lungs, jejunum, liver, spleen, and lymph nodes.

Brathwaite et al. in 1996 reported widespread metastases of a malignant glomus tumor sometimes involves the skin, lungs, jejunum, liver, spleen, and lymph nodes.

In some other cases, malignant glomus tumors have been occurred in the older age group, and have been described at several locations, mainly it occurs in the soft tissues and gastrointestinal tracts.  


After all the above discussion we can say glomus tumor is a rare neoplasm which is arising from glomus body and mainly found under the nail, on the tip of the finger or in the foot. And sometimes it can be developed in any part of our body. If you or any friend of yours is feeling symptom like that consult your doctor.

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