How Q-Tip Damage Your Ears

Probably, Many time you have heard by your elders, “Don’t put anything in your ears.” but this is ignored by you.

We don’t know why the Q-tip becomes so popular for cleaning ears. Maybe they are originally marketed by marketers or maybe dr. prescribed for the q-tip to clean ear before they realize the consequence.

Whatever the reason, but most of the people think that it’s ok to clean the ear with q-tip. but no it is not safe.

Reasons not to use Q-tip to clean your ears  

We know that there is a very thin and sensitive skin in our ear canal.

It’s not necessary to clean your ear wax because our ear has self-cleaning power. In nature it is acidic and it prevents infection in your ear.


Whenever you are using a Q-tip to clean your ears you are touching your eardrums. The eardrums of your ears are very sensitive, so you can damage it by Q-tip. It may also happen that you press the delicate bone of the ear which helps you to hear.which can cause shockwaves through your ear and loss your hearing and balance.

Q-tip also strangles the small hairs which are inside our ear and help us to hear better.

Now we are going to discuss some reasons because of that we don’t have to use Q-tip to clean our ears.

  • You can injure your ears  

           The skin of our ear canal is very thin, so, it can easily be damaged if something touch or rubbed inside the wrong way. If you are using Q-tip it can harm the ear canal or cause a wound.

njured ear

When you are using Q-tip to clean your ear. It can harm your eardrum and can cause hearing loss. it should be very painful and can damage your ear.

  • Little wax is good

Our ear has self-cleaning quality so, you don’t need to clean your ear on a permanent basis. little wax protects our ear. If we properly clean our ear then the possibility of instant hearing loss is enhanced. Having some wax in our ear canal help to protect our ear with dust and bugs.

  • Itchy Ear

          After the above discussion, we know that the ear canal skin is very thin and sensitive. 


Constantly cleaning of your ear make it dry, Dry skin means itchy skin.  Because of that many people have itchy ear complaint.

  • Make it worse

            When we clean our ear, we get some brownish spot on the Q-tip. Yes, that means you get some wax out.  but unintentional you push some wax inside the near ear canal.

Even Though you are removing the small part of the wax but in other hands, you are pushing more inside near the ear canal.

 This impacted deep into your ear canal. Once it happens you have to go to a physician to clean it out.

“If anything you are putting in your ear it could harm your eardrum and also causes temporary or even permanent hearing loss.”

Some person produces more wax than others. This is because of ethnicity, diet, family history and other factors.

In old persons, the ear wax becomes dry, Because of the ceruminous gland shrink.

How to clean the extra wax from the ear

After reading this article a question arises in our mind that if we don’t use Q-tip to clean our ear than how to clean your extra ear wax?

So, here we are going to discuss the methods of cleaning your ears without damaging your eardrum.

When we think about that, the best answer is.. don’t clean it. You can clean the outer ear wall with the help of a wet towel. But keep in mind don’t put anything in your ear. Because it can create a problem for you.

For the people who produce more wax than others, there are some ways to clean their ear.

Here, we are going to discuss the most popular method of cleaning more waxy ear.

Irrigation and oiling  


irrigation process

Irrigation the most important method which is also used by doctors to clean the waxy ear.

In the process of irrigation, you have to pore constant stream of water into the ear, to losing and softening the wax. It is very important that do not irrigate too often. You can do it once every two or three months.

Steps of irrigation

Here we are going to discuss steps of irrigation

  1. Use warm water in a syringe
  2. Tilt your head, pull the outside of your ear to strengthen the ear canal. Flush with water. Tilt the head and let the water pour out.
  3. Set a blow dryer on the cool setting and use it to dry your ear canal.



oiling in ear


There are so many oils are available in the market that you can use to clean your ear wax.

Like olive oil, almond oil, baby oil, mineral oil, spray, ear drops, and other so many ear drops you can use to lubricate and smoothen your ear wax.

The no of drops that should be used depending on the brand and doctors recommendation.

In this method,

  • Put some drops in one ear.
  • Tilt the head side to side to settle the drop for five min.
  • Let the oil flow out.
  • Air dry or blow dry.

You can say that ear wax is very important for our ear, Body produce this because of some reason. 

Q-Tip is not the way to reduce the ear wax. You may hear about the method candling but it is not safe it can harm your eardrum and ear canal.


At the end of the article, we can say that q-tip which is used widely in the world for cleaning ear wax is not good for or ear it can cause hearing loss at any step of life.

There is no need of cleaning your ear on daily basis. It is not bad for your health even A protective fluid that makes your ear safe. For the more waxy ear, we discussed some methods above, which can help you to clean your ears.

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