Kidney Stone: Symptoms, Risk Factor, And Treatment

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A kidney stone is a kind of diseases and it develops when high levels of salt and other minerals stick together in your urine. As time passes it becomes big in size from grains like or small stone to big and rock like a stone.  

If you are suffering from lower back pain or nausea then don’t ignore. It may be a cause of stone. So, if you want to know about the reason, symptoms, and treatment of kidney stone then you are in right place.

Here we are going to discuss in brief about the kidney stone.

What is kidney Stone

“A kidney stone is a disease in which a stone like structure created inside your kidney. It is also known as urolithiasis, it happens when a solid piece of material created in the urinary tract. If you have a small stone then you didn’t tackle any problem but if the size of the stone become more than 5 mm it can cause blockage of your ureter and in a result, you have unbearable pain in your lower back and abdomen.”

Because of kidney stone, you may also find blood in urine, vomiting and also feel pain at the time of urination. In research, we find that across half of people will find another stone within ten years.  

Lately, according to a survey – approx 15% globally, people are affected by kidney stones. In 2015 research there are 22.1 million people are suffered from this and approx 16,100 have died. It becomes a very common problem in the western world from the 1970s.    

Symptoms of Kidney Stone

Anyone who ever suffered from kidney stone knows how sad it can make you feel. There are so many symptoms of Kidney Stone by which we can guess that it may be kidney stone. Here we are going to discuss some of them.

Nausea or vomiting

vometingYou feel nausea or vomiting when a stone blocks the flow of urine, which can be the reason of swelling and stretching of the kidney.

Frequent urinationfrequent urination

People with kidney stones feel that they need to pee a lot. This depends on the location of the stone. “If the stone is near to your bladder will have so many bladder symptoms” like urgency, frequency, need to go bathroom quickly an all.

Blood in the urineblood sensitive tissues that follow the urinary tract can be easily hurt by the kidney stone. Bleeding can be notable or microscopic.  

Back, or side painside pain kidney stone may be undetected until it starts to act up. Some people say with their experience that the pain of kidney stone is sometimes worse than childbirth. It starts with low pain but quickly become more severe pain.

Generally, it feels in your back or side, below your rib cage. Generally, the pain can start from your lower abdomen. In men kidney stone cause pain in testicles or tip of the penis.

Pain or burning with urinationburning with urination you feel that it hurts to pee, maybe it is because of kidney stone. This type of pain is experienced when the stone travels through the ureter and getting closer to the bladder.

Risk Factors

The major factor of stone formation is dehydration from a low fluid intake. Obesity also increases the risk factor.

Kidney stone risk is also increased if you are taking high dietary food like animal protein, sodium, refined sugar, oxalate, grapefruit juice, apple juice. Approx 20% of peoples who have kidney stone have medullary sponge kidney.

It is found in research that some medication can also increase the risk of developing kidney stones. Topiramate is k kind of medicine which is commonly prescribed for migraine headaches, can increase the developing of kidney stones.

If you are using vitamin D and calcium supplements from a long time then it may also cause the kidney stone because of high calcium levels.



Treatment of kidney stone depends on the size and location of the stone. Sometimes it can be treated by medicine or shock therapy and in worst case doctor suggest for a small surgery.  

If a person has any kidney stone history in the past than it can be treated by the home remedy. Even, if don’t have any past stone history should consult with a doctor.  

If the doctor says that an individual needs hospital treatment, then the individual rehydrated by an IV (INTRAVENOUS) tube, and an anti-inflammatory medicine may be also applied.

The doctor uses the narcotics to tolerate the pain of passing stones. For the person who experienced nausea and vomiting, the doctor uses antiemetic medication.

In some cases, urologist has to perform a therapy called lithotripsy and also called shock wave therapy. In this therapy, they break the stone into smaller pieces and allow it to pass.

A person with the large stones cannot be treated by lithotripsy have to go through a surgical procedure, like the removal of a stone through an incision in the back otherwise by inserting a thin tube into the urethra.

Home Remedies For Kidney Stone

There are so many home remedies for a kidney stone but I suggest that before taking any home treatment firstly consult your doctor, especially for the person who is taking any type of medication.

Sometimes blood pressure, cholesterol, and liver medications can perform negatively with herbal remedies.

Here we are going to discuss some home remedies for a kidney stone;


  • Lemon juice
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Wheatgrass juice
  • Water
  • Kidney bean broth
  • Extra-virgin olive oil
  • Pomegranate juice

We are going to discuss the way you have to take these remedies for kidney stone removal;


Lemon juice

lemon juiceYou have to squeeze a fresh lemon and add it into water according to your taste. Lemon has citrate which prevents calcium stones from forming. It also breaks the stone in small pieces. And allow them to pass easily.

Lemon has also so many health benefits. As it helps to inhibit bacterial growth.


Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar-

It contains acetic acid. Which is very helpful to dissolve kidney stones.

Apple cider vinegar also helps to reduce the pain which is caused by stones. There are also so many benefits of apple cider vinegar.

To take these benefits, add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to 6 ounces of water. Take this mixture the whole day. And shouldn’t consume more than one 8-ounce glass per day. If you take it in a large amount, apple cider vinegar can lead to osteoporosis.

People who have diabetes should take caution if drinking this mixture. Check your blood sugar levels the whole day.

Don’t drink this mixture if you are taking insulin, Digoxin (Digox) or Diuretics, Such as Spironolactone.  


Wheatgrass juice

Wheatgrass juiceWheatgrass has compounds which increase urination and allow to pass stone more easily and reduce the risk of their formation.

It has also antioxidants, which help to get rid the urinary tract of minerals and salts. Supplemental powder and pills are available to buy at many health stores.


Water Water is a precious gift given by God on the earth. Drinking 8 glasses of water per day is good for your health. It is also one of the easiest ways to prevent kidney stones.  12 glasses per day help in the passage or slow the growth of deposits in the kidneys.

Kidney bean brothKidney bean broth

Kidney beans are magnesium rich, which reduce kidney stones and their symptoms.

To get the benefit from kidney beans firstly remove them from their pods and boil them approximately 5 to 6 hours. After boiling strain, using a soft cloth, and serve it.

Extra-virgin olive Oil

AN257-Pouring-Olive-Oil-732x549-thumbExtra-virgin oil is a thick oil which helps to easy passage of kidney stone by lubricating urinary tract.

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranates have an astringent and antioxidant property which help to reduce the chance of developing kidney also contains compounds that decrease the acidity of urine, making it harder for stones to form.

When to Consult a doctor

If you feel severe pain in your lower abdomen or genitals then immediately go to the doctor. Some time kidney stone is treatable using fluid therapy and pain medications.

However, sometimes stone gets stuck in the urinary tract and can damage the urinary tissues, in this situation, it will require immediate surgery.

Symptoms which are assessed by the doctors;

  • Feeling pain in lower back or lower abdomen continuously from 4 weeks
  • Fever
  • Bloody urine
  • Painful urination
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Cloudy or foul-smelling urine

Wrapping up

So, after that, we can say kidney stone is a very common problem. In the starting stage it can be treated by some home remedies, but in some typical situation, you have to go to your doctor to remove the stone through a surgical process.

Here in the given article, we describe some home remedies which help you to remove your kidney stone and reduce the pain of stone removal.   

Hope, this article is helpful to you. If you find the article is full of knowledge then please don’t forget to comment or share in below section.   

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